COVID-19 Related Clinical Studies Spreadsheet

The following files contain current clinical studies related to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) from as of the date and time of file creation. There may be more studies on, that were uploaded after the most recent file here. Each file allows users without advanced database skills to explore the trials in a spreadsheet format.

The spreadsheet is created daily by using’s search strategy for clinical studies related to COVID-19 and the database for Aggregate Analysis of (AACT). Details on the search terms used to generate the list of studies are available here.

The spreadsheet includes each study as a single row and 68 columns of information about each study. You can download the explanation of fields here.

For AACT database users, a table called "covid_19_studies" containing the 68 columns from the spreadsheet, is now included within AACT.

Daily Static Copies