Improving Public Access to Aggregate Content of

Clinical Trials API V2 Update has migrated to a new version of their API. We have completed this migration also. The structure of the AACT database has not changed, but there are a few changes to the data. The format of the enumerated values has changed. In most cases the values went from lower case letters to upper cases letters and spaces became underscores. You can find a list of the fields and enum changes on this page: If you have any questions about the changes in the data please contact us.

What is AACT?

AACT is a publicly available relational database that contains all information (protocol and result data elements) about every study registered in Content is downloaded from daily and loaded into AACT. The Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI) enhanced AACT in October, 2016 to include the following features:

  • Database content refreshed daily
  • Database directly accessible in the cloud
  • Static copies of the database available for download
  • Open source tools freely available (postgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, Tableau Public)
  • Source code available via Github