AACT-based Research Projects


Since the AACT database was launched in 2010, dozens of researchers have used it to better understand the state of clinical trials. Many important questions can be answered by analyzing this set of clinical trials data. Several investigators have used AACT to study 'results reporting trends' to determine how compliant the research community has been with federally mandated regulations. Others have used AACT to find out which conditions & interventions tend to receive the most attention, which appear to be neglected and how specific types of trials are distributed geographically.

Several AACT-based investigations have produced datasets that can be of use to others interested in similar topics or those who would like to further analyze or verify the investigations. (For example, the curated set of condition terms used to identify a particular subset of studies.)

Project Data Available in AACT

To facilitate public sharing of curated data resources between AACT users, we're making project datasets available within the AACT database. Each project has its own database schema that encapsulates the curated data the project iprincipal investigator has shared with us. Users of the live AACT database can query the project data and/or ClinicalTrials.gov data that resides in the main AACT schema: ctgov. They may join data across different schemas. In short, project information is kept structurally separate from ClinicalTrials.gov data, but the information is also integrated within the same database. The name of a project's database schema is identified in the table below. Click on the plus icon of any row in this table to view project details and access downloadable versions of the datasets and data definitions.

Name Investigators Organizations Publication Year Brief Summary DB Schema
Aggregated Set of Tagged MeSH Terms Duke Clinical Research Institute 2010 A number of clinicians have reviewed & categorized MeSH terms by clinical domain. We have aggregated this categorization information so that others can benefit from this body of work. Tables that map MeSH terms to general categories are available to query. proj_tag
CDEK’s Standard Organization Names Rebekah Griesenauer, PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar; Michael S Kinch, PhD, Associate Vice Chancellor Washington University - St. Louis. Center for Research Innovation and Biotechnology 2018 The CDEK project at Washington University has curated organization data to begin standardizing this terminology. Because an organization may be identified several different ways in ClinicalTrials.gov, it's often difficult to accurately identify all studies associated with an organization. Washington University has creating a queryable 'organization index' that provides a way for AACT users to more easily identify all studies associated with an organization. proj_cdek_standard_orgs
Compliance with Results Reporting at ClinicalTrials.gov Monique L. Anderson, M.D., Karen Chiswell, Ph.D., Eric D. Peterson, M.D., M.P.H., Asba Tasneem, Ph.D., James Topping, M.S., and Robert M. Califf, M.D. Duke Clinical Research Institute 2015 Analysis of the levels & patterns of compliance with FDAAA reporting regulations for trials conducted between 2008 & 2013 (considering only those trials that are highly likely to be applicable to FDAAA provisions). proj_results_reporting
The Landscape of Clinical Trials in Nephrology: A Systematic Review of ClinicalTrials.gov Jula K. Inrig, MD,1,2 Robert M. Califf, MD,1 Asba Tasneem, PhD,1 Radha K. Vegunta, MD,3 Christopher Molina, BS,4 John W. Stanifer, MD,1 Karen Chiswell, PhD,1 and Uptal D. Patel, MD1 Duke Clinical Research Institute 2014 While conducting a systematic review of nephrology-related studies in ClinicalTrials.gov, the investigators tagged nephrology-related MeSH & free-text condition terms. Interventional studies registered between Oct 1, 2007 & September 27, 2010 with conditions, browse_conditions or keywords that matched any of the terms tagged as 'nephrology' were reviewed by investigators, to create the final subset of studies included in the analysis. proj_tag_nephrology


  • In this first release, data for three published projects have been added to AACT. This list will grow as projects continue to be added.

  • Project data are available only in the live AACT database hosted at aact-db.ctti-clinicaltrials.org. Static copies of the database and pipe-delimited filesets available for download contain only ClinicalTrials.gov data; they do not include project information.

  • Files containing data element definitions (defining each table & column) are available for download (see 'Data Definitions' in the Attachments section of each project row in the table above). In the next release, we intend to provide these definitions as a view in the AACT database itself so this information is readily available to those who might not be aware of this information on the website.